Résumé for Orlando Cordero

Orlando Cordero

San José, CA      1.650.787.4960      orlando@rahul.net



  • Experienced in managing large-scale document conversion projects for customer-facing and internal audiences
  • Developed and taught structured documentation to newly acquired documentation and product teams
  • Successful experience with multinational teams across the globe to explain complex concepts to users with varying degrees of technical abilities and English language skills
  • User advocate for limited English-speaking users and for people with accessibility needs
  • Successfully integrated resources, products, and teams from acquired companies
  • Over 10 years experience working with structured documentation and tools
  • Over 20 years experience in teaching English as a Second Language


Oracle USA, Principal Member of Technical Publishing Staff, 2007-present

  • Develop internal lifecycle documentation projects for newly formed, acquired, and merged internal and external organizations
  • Design, write, publish, and update documentation libraries for Oracle Fusion Middleware documentation organization; sizes ranging from a few documents to several hundred large books
  • Design, write, and publish documentation for critical support patches for database and middleware products, which helps to reduce the number of support requests
  • Produce Release Notes for several products
  • Produce Error Reference Manual with several development teams
  • Identify points for automated processes, feature enhancements and requests to save hours of writer production costs
  • Develop workflows for newly acquired teams, enforce corporate standards; provide direction and support for over 200 writers and managers
  • Serve as user advocate to the information and tools architects teams

Oracle USA, Principal Technical Writer, 2001-2007

  • Designed, wrote, published, and updated documentation sets for various Oracle products, such as Forms, Developer Suite, Enterprise Manager, Fusion Middleware, and JDeveloper.
  • Led virtual teams of library contributors
  • Wrote Enterprise Deployment Guide
  • Contributed to design and implementation of help systems and test plans
  • Responsible for providing documentation libraries to platform porting teams
  • Worked with Oracle Support to make documentation pro-active and reduce support requests

Oracle USA, Senior Technical Writer, 1999-2001

  • Wrote developer documentation Oracle iLearning, and Oracle JDeveloper
  • Participated in bootstrapping Oracle JDeveloper into a pure Java tool from a C++ code base
  • Implemented technologies for writing teams such as Oracle database instances, Linux environments, and source control integration that reduced lost content and reduced errors in team workflows
  • Developed Oracle By Example (OBE) documents for external audiences
  • Participated in Oracle World conferences at the Demo Ground areas to demonstrate new product features to customers

Symantec Corporation, Senior Technical Writer, 1996-1999

  • Designed, wrote, and published documentation for the first-to-market Java and HTML tools, such as online help, user manuals, and tours, and APIs
  • Usability research and design
  • Documented database technologies for Visual Café
  • Managed the porting of documents into Apple Guides, and Japanese
  • Webmaster for Symantec to publish and update customer-facing content
  • Represented the full business unit at Comdex demo booths and documentation manager training conferences

Technical Writer and Product Specialist, AIMnet Corporation, 1995-1996

  • Technical writer and product specialist for an international audience, mainly Chinese and Japanese users
  • Installed database development environments for developers
  • Developed AR (Action Request/Remedy) interfaces for business and support applications
  • Worked closely with translators to translate documentation into Chinese and Japanese
  • Represented the company at Comdex in the demo booth
  • Basic project management and tracking of all development projects

ESL/EFL Instructor 1992-present

  • Taught written and oral communication skills in English as a Second Language classes at Fresno State University, Fresno City College, San José State University, San José State University Professional Development Center, San José City College, West-Valley Mission Community College District
  • Private instructor for mentoring students in graduate school writing
  • Served as editor and subject matter expert for theses of Master’s candidates

VISTA (now AmeriCorps) member, 1992-1993




  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Structured FrameMaker, RoboHelp
  • Apache
  • Aperture, GraphicConverter, HyperSnap
  • ClearCase, Subversion
  • DocBook and DocBook derivatives
  • HTML/CSS development
  • Microsoft Word
  • Oracle Help for Java, Database, Forms and Reports, JDeveloper, Fusion Middleware
  • Wiki authoring, user forum management
  • Strong familiarity with Java, C/C++, Python, Perl, XML, shell scripting, batch files
  • Bug database triaging, escalation, resolution
  • Automated documentation builder tools
  • Documentation conversions to structured FrameMaker
  • MyOracleSupport document authoring and publishing
  • Documentation control
  • User desktop support, imaging, troubleshooting, repairing/upgrading laptops and desktop computers
  • Strong fluency in Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Solaris, including installation, configuration, maintenance (csh, bash, rsync, cron, user administration)
  • Fresno State University, Master of Arts in Linguistics with a concentration in TESOL/TEFOL
  • University of California, Irvine, Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
  • Professional development courses with Oracle University and the University of California in PL/SQL, Enterprise Java, database management, user requirements analysis, documentation manager seminars
  • Conversational Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish
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around chung li and taipei

for the past few days, the weather has been miserable. but that doesn’t seem to slow down the taiwanese people from carrying on their day to day lives, though i bet a good typhoon might. the rains have softened the past couple of days, but not a ray of sunshine. hopefully today this will happen, as has been forecasted.

yesterday’s activities included a consumer electronics show, and an eating and shopping tour of selected alley ways of taipei. pix to come.

the eating binges continue.

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1 december 2012

i normally travel to this part of the world after thanksgiving and as late as chinese new year in february. one thing i noticed that was missing from being in taiwan on december 1 is the mark of world aids day. in hong kong, while it’s not a big deal, it is more noticeable, with demonstrations, public talks, and the occasional free condom (wrapped, ‘natch) being handed out. maybe it is more marked in taipei than in the outlying, more working class cities?

the rain again was relentless, but that doesn’t seem to stop the residents of chung li from going out and about and doing their business. the drivers are as crazy as ever, along side the ubiquitous scooter. yesterday’s foodie adventure started around 8 am when we walked around the corner to what seemed like an underground chungking mansion clone, but only with closed shops and food vendors that would make my local county health inspector scream in horror. you can select your animal of choice, mostly fowl. and have it dispatched on the spot, and eat it there, or take it home. i saw freshly slaughtered pork brought in for the shop keeper to finish butchering it. fu took me around the corner to a little stall where a mom and pop operation have been there for the 30 something years of fu’s life, and probably even longer. he went up behind the mom and politely ordered some noodles and a fried egg with scallion for us to share. there were maybe about 4 little plastic tables with mostly older guys in their jammies still, reading the paper and slurping soup. one guy pulled up to our table, with cigarette in hand, and quietly polished off his soup. he was really good about making sure that we didn’t inhale his vice.

after finishing off those delicious noodles, we walked around chung li because the rain gave us a bit of a break. fu knows of this food cart that serves soft tofu with 3 kinds of beans and a ginger syrup. it was absolute heaven. people on the scooters pulled up, ordered a cup of this heavenly tofu, exchanged money, and took off all in less than a minute. i love street food.

the afternoon took us to another city to discover burmese food, taiwanese style. max and his wife picked us up, and about 30 minutes later we were in another little network of burmese alleys in another city. we ordered soups, bean curd dishes, thinly sliced marinated pork, and this wonderful chili oil that was sweet and had a nice, slow burn to it. my friends convinced the owner to sell them a jar of it after he refused the first request. the owner is a bit of a local celebrity because of his patriotism for his adopted homeland of taiwan. pix to come that will show why.

yet more food was in store. after leaving the restaurant, we found green onion pancake vendors, egg tart stores, and this funny little fruit that looks like a black moustache. it was another great day.

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2012 travel to taiwan

28 november

the flight to taipei was uneventful, thank the goddesses. derek dropped me off at the marina market wednesday night, where i caught the china airlines shuttle to sfo. what a wonderful service! the only drag was that i sat next to an older gentleman that either eat severe amounts of garlic, or had a raging sinus infection of some sort. and then, he sat in front of me on the flight and i could still smell him! yikes!

after meeting fu and his childhood friend ben at the airport, the first order of business was a typical taiwanese breakfast. after dodging traffic for about thirty mins, we were in the outskits of chung li, where all sorts of little eatery places make california dives look like five star yelp joints. but i know deep in my heart that this food i’m about to indulge in is will be better than anything i’ve eaten in awhile, santa clara county health inspectors be damned!

while ben and fu dined on soy milk soup, i opted for the peanut soup which was heavenly. along side them we ate chinese donuts and sesame flatbreads. a bit carby, but i’m on vacation!

after a quick power nap in chung li, we were back on the road, headed to ‘Best01 Tea Garden” somewhere in the hills of taiwan. it was pouring so hard, but the trek is worth it. some shots are at https://plus.google.com/photos/107447059918137032967/albums/5816741659875824881/5816741659143318642.

after the tea garden, we roamed around the country side and found a gourmet coffee shop. the roastmaster is an accomplished roaster and has won many awards around taiwan. it is a family operation and had a lot of young hipsters dropping by.

after coffee we went to a couple of buddhist and hakka temples, then to a hakka village called bei pu. we listened to this young woman talk about tea passionately for a couple of hours, and learned all about the nuisances of brewing different types of tea. it was the experience of a lifetime.

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the conversation continues

A mid-June Monday utitta trikonasana (triangle pose) in a Yoga Basics class was the one that brought down my world. I thought to myself, ok, how hard can this be? I’ve done this one a gazillion times before. I started to make my way into the pose by reaching forward with my left hand. I continued reaching forward, landed my hand onto my shin, and prepared to “pull the bow”. Today, though, was one of those all too frequent days where my mind and my senses started drifting off into the ether. That happens occasionally, and like a good yogi, I let it pass and waited for the next thought. I remember that I paused, and unintentionally recycled a conversation I had with a colleague earlier in the day. I remember it was personal and not related to work. That conversation played for what seemed like an eternity before it left me to move onto my next distraction. Now my breathing is starting to suffer from not paying attention to what I’m asking the rest of my body to do.

I tell myself I should be able to get that right arm nice and tall, and supported by a cooperative right shoulder, and touch the nearest star. The final conversations I’ve had with friends and relatives who’ve left my life in the past year start to reverberate in my ears. Kind words being exchanged. Lots of stories. And of course, stories that were painful to exchange, and sometimes regret having heard. My cousin Mark and I exchanged these stories regularly during the final year of his life. He died Memorial day weekend from pancreatic cancer, the silent killer that also took my father. Now the chatter between the left side of the body is unnerving my right side as my right hand tries to bravely stay afloat. It doesn’t, so I rested the right hand on my back to try and experience more chest rotation. This lasted maybe for about 30 seconds before I was again trying to shove that arm up towards one of the knots in the ceiling panels. After all, I need to make sure that the sequestered region of the body where the pancreas lives gets some fresh circulation. I don’t want to die at 59 like mark and my father did. Maybe a hernia is a small price to pay at a chance of delaying or preventing the big C? Oh the foolish things that come through my head.

Some days, it feels like I own triangle pose, and some days it’s difficult to even maneuver into the hip opening that I need. Monday’s trikonasana started out okay but then quickly devolved into yogaFAIL. I knew something was wrong because it felt more than just a physical struggle going on; I have been doing this pose for years. I foolishly let my left hand creep down my shin, like it knew what it was doing, like a puppy or child acquiring life experience by testing everything. That left hand knew what to do, but why did the rest of my body insist on following? My hand tried get to the floor to grasp that big toe. My knee seemed to be along for the ride and actually felt good, but that right shoulder had other ideas, and I knew it was time to retreat the hand back to the shin. Meanwhile, I had compromised all my stability and rooting.

Jennifer noticed from across the room that yogaFAIL was going on.I was still out to lunch and letting my chest collapse towards the floor. Jennifer reassuringly asked me “what’s going on here?” and like a calm emergency responder, took charge of my struggling trikonasana.  With a gentle but firm adjustment, she guided my heart upward and at that moment I realized I was sinking to the floor, like a stone. With that adjustment, I realized that the sorrows and dramas of the past couple of years had manifested itself physically, and that it was time to let it go. Even my psychiatrist, many years ago, acknowledged that emotional and mental stress can have physical manifestations. In many other styles of yoga, letting your heart “fall” to the floor is a disaster waiting to happen. Anusara yogis  recoil in horror! And, after all these years of practicing and teaching, I still needed to be remind of this.

In experiencing the different stages of grief swirling around me, it felt reassuring that I am still open to getting gentle nudges from different people from time to time; the constant conversation I have between mind and body is clearer and getting stronger as I take my yoga practice with me through the various stages of life. Now I am in middle age, where people around me are starting to take diverging paths. The past year of losing friends and family to neck cancer, pancreatic cancer, alzheimers, AIDS, canine euthanasia has been difficult.

Ah, now to inhale, rise up, catch my breath. I tell myself to breathe a couple of times for my well being. When the sensation of gentle heat has distributed evenly through my extremities, I take some deep breaths as my way of remembering all of them. Then the next challenge: there is still one more round of triangle, on each side, to do. I can do this, I thought. I made it through the rest of class, albeit a little wiser than 78 minutes earlier, and before I knew it, I was in my car headed home.

The physical sensations in response to prolonged emotional ones were starting to revisit me. It’s amazing, though, how just that small adjustment in a basic triangle pose from a caring person helped me to realize that it’s time to lighten the load on my heart. Grief has a place, and it needs to express itself, and then we need to move on. If we’re fortunate, we will revisit it a few times, and treat it more like an old acquaintance before we move on again.

After that yoga class, I started feeling better immediately, and later in the week, my boss, a very caring and great human being, noticed a remarkable improvement in my demeanor. Gosh, even Mom said she was proud I pulled through yet again!

I thought more about how my yoga practice has helped to evolve the never-ending dialog I’m having with my mental state and the constant need to physically challenge my body. The following Saturday I told my own class of mixed level yogis about this recent experience in my own practice, of some of the recent conversations that are going on inside. Sure I got some blank stares, but I got some warm smiles, too. I hope at least one of them walked away with just a little more enthusiasm for discovering themselves through yoga than when we started today’s class.

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more reasons to meditate…


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Tools ‹ orlando cordero — WordPress

Tools ‹ orlando cordero — WordPress.

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life with charlie bucket

here is a short video clip of me practicing the didjeridoo. charlie is ok with it at first, but then he decides he wants nothing more to do with it.


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This blogging software has come a long ways in just a couple of years. I tried to install and configure several emerging blog software about 2-3 years ago, and it was a total failure. I’m sure I could have had it completely up and running, but I have other interests, like my paycheck job.

But I’m going to give this another shot. My life is so busy as it is, to take the time to blog about it is so low priority that I want to put the time into enjoying the ride instead.

We’ll see…

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